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  • CleanSpark to Speak at 6th Annual CannaGrow Expo on October 28, 2017

    08/23/17 ,via Markets Insider

    SALT LAKE CITY, Aug. 23, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- CleanSpark, Inc. (OTC: CLSK), a microgrid company that is combining a patented "stratified" downdraft gasifier along with advanced engineering, software and controls for innovative distributed energy 

  • Wrangler x Peter Max

    08/23/17 ,via Apparel News

    Apparently the “g” is Wrangler stands for “groovy.” The classic denim brand is about to roll out its latest collab with Pop Art icon Peter Max, known for his use of bright colors and psychedelic designs. The new collection, designed with the artist, is

  • Zehn Moderegeln für den Mann von heute

    04/25/17 ,via DIE WELT

    niemand sonderlich stilvoll. Roetzel geht sogar einen Schritt weiter und rät generell vom Barfußgehen in Turnschuhen ab: „Viel zu viele Schadstoffe“ – er lässt an nackte Füße im Sommer höchstens das „pflanzlich gegerbte Leder“ seiner Timberland's.

  • Timberland will neue Zielgruppen erreichen

    10/25/14 ,via DIE WELT

    Die North-Face-Mutter VF, zu der auch die Jeansfirma 7 for all Mankind und Eastpak gehören, hat nach ihrem Kauf den Timberland-Designern eine klare Vorgabe gemacht: Wahrt das Erbe, aber ruht euch nicht darauf aus. Eine aufwendige globale Studie zur 

  • How High Fashion Won Over Rap

    08/17/17 ,via Vulture

    Clothing became more intimately linked with rappers than ever: Clarks Wallabees shoes became synonymous with Wu-Tang, Puff and his Bad Boy crew's brightest moment in the spotlight was memorialized by the shiny suits they wore, and Timberland boots

Timberland Icon Chukka

style: Wheat Nubuck http://on.fb.me./unboxingexperience.

CleanSpark to Speak at 6th Annual CannaGrow Expo on October 28, 2017 - Markets Insider

Maher will be discussing advanced energy and control solutions and how those solutions may be applied to the cannabis growing market in a session titled "Own Your Energy: The Power of Building Your Own Private Micro Grid. "A typical indoor grow room has the same power density as a data center, and by some accounts the industry accounts for as much as a third of the electricity used by all U. S. data centers combined. The alternative generation and advanced controls of a microgrid are essential to help these operations avoid interruptions and operate on clean power. I look forward to discussing our state-of-the-art solutions to address the rapidly growing energy needs of this evolving industry. Huber presented on the development of the national utility grid and the inherent lack of sustainability therein, while Mr. Maher highlighted the six-year payback on a micro grid for a 14-acre, 2,500-person corporate campus and the advanced micro... Brands in attendance included Lush Cosmetics, Victoria's Secret, Bath & Body Works, Pink, La Senza, Kay Jewelers, , Gap, Vans, Lee, Jansport, Nautica, Northface, Timberland, Wrangler, Vans, Zales and Aritzia and Apple. The CannaGrow Expo is open to all, 18+, and is intended for cannabis growers, grow managers, dispensary owners, and grow enthusiasts to explore the latest cannabis cultivation technology, tools, and techniques. CannaGrow Denver will feature a selection of 25 cultivation-focused educational sessions lead by world-class growers over two action-packed days, endless networking with cultivators from around the globe, and an expo hall packed with the latest... Our services consist of intelligent solar monitoring solutions, microgrid design and engineering, project development consulting services, system installation and consulting, and turn-key microgrid. Source: markets.businessinsider.com

How High Fashion Won Over Rap - Vulture

Though the youthful black and brown New Yorkers who developed rap in the ‘70s and ‘80s weren’t well-off financially, their purchase of clothes was every bit as important to them as the priceless words they fashioned. Tight budgets failed to inhibit the growth of a dashing sense of style: Thrown back on their own resources, kids and young adults in the Bronx, Queens, Harlem, Brooklyn, and Staten Island competed relentlessly to see who could dress most... Within the space of a decade, a sartorial code no less intricate and elegant than the luxury houses of Paris had evolved to the scale where, allied with street poetry, it could make its presence known and commercially viable on a national stage. ’s 1986 triple-platinum album Raising Hell confirmed to a skeptical music industry that rap was both potentially profitable and far more than a fad, its standout third track “My Adidas” at once pioneered the use of rap as a fashion advertisement... Adidas sneakers were already the footwear of choice for Run, D. M. C. , and Jam Master Jay, but after the song’s success, Adidas would be paying them to wear new sneakers, not the other way around. ’s minimal yet distinctive look would set a standard for the generation of New York artists who made their names in the ’90s. With rap now a confirmed and growing commercial force, rappers could afford to found their own fashion brands: Wu-Tang... Clothing became more intimately linked with rappers than ever: Clarks Wallabees shoes became synonymous with Wu-Tang, Puff and his Bad Boy crew’s brightest moment in the spotlight was memorialized by the shiny suits they wore, and Timberland boots... Source: www.vulture.com

Timberland's Most Comfortable Boots Yet - AUGUSTMAN

Making even bigger strides in the footwear industry, Timberland has now created a line that combines the hardwearing characteristics of its iconic boots with the comfort and flexibility of sporty sneakers. The most obvious combination that gives the collection its Sneakerboots moniker is the chukka version. Instead of the traditional rubber outsole found in Timberland’s yellow boots, the Killington collection makes use of the more athletic SensorFlex system for increased flexibility, underfoot support and better independent suspension to ensure that... At the other end of the spectrum, the Killington 6-inch boot offers the same comfort and flexibility but without the mesh treatment. This Killington update to Timberland’s icon looks almost exactly like the original except for the contrasting sporty soles that are characteristic of the collection. Source: augustman.com

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