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I have even more respect for the Spice Girls...if that was even possible! Get your shoes here: Cloud shoes: http://fave.co/2BigttG Flame shoes: ...

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  • Why We Love (and Hate) Platform Shoes

    01/21/16 ,via Wall Street Journal

    PLATFORM SHOES SHOULD come with a big fluorescent “Caveat Emptor” sticker on the box. When the heel height is exaggerated, they have a sleazy, cheapening quality that can hijack entire outfits. A little vulgarity is bracing, but platforms—particularly

  • Lady Gaga's giant platform shoes screamed America

    02/07/16 ,via SB Nation

    Lady Gaga gave one of the most memorable national anthems in Super Bowl history with her 2:22 epic that included a second refrain of "Home of the brave" complete with a flyover. The anthem was great, but Gaga's shoes were a whole other deal.

  • Platform-Sneakers à la Olivia Palermo – direkt zum Shoppen! Stylish und bequem

    10/16/15 ,via Elle

    It-Girl Olivia Palermo zeigt euch, wie ihr beides haben könnt – stylish und bequem: Mit ihren Platform-Sneakers aus schwarzem Lackleder ("Tabbie" von Sol Sana) bringt sie einen Hauch Luxus in ihren lässigen Herbstlook. Jeans im Used Look und ein beiger 

  • Behati Prinsloo wears leather biker jacket and platform shoes in Beverly Hills

    01/19/16 ,via Daily Mail

    These suede platforms have been a goth/ punk/ rocker chic essential for years and recently made a comeback thanks to Alexander Wang and Prada. But Behati kept it real in these d-ring lace ups which can be purchased at Hot Topic by clicking right.

  • Are New Rihanna x PUMA Creepers Coming Soon? She Sent Covetable Shoes ...

    02/13/16 ,via Bustle

    Everyone flipped out when Rihanna partnered with PUMA and released her Creeper sneakers in fall of 2015. They were sold out almost instantly, and since have been coveted by stars and fans alike. This is how the Platform Creeper came into the fashion 

Celebrity Outfits with Platform Sneakers

Celebrity Outfits with Platform Sneakers click here to subscribe: http://goo.gl/2967F6 ------ outfit details ------ outfit one: Maxi Dress- Ross Denim Jacket- Ross ...

... -Chuck-Taylor-Platform-Plus-Sparkle-Damen-Wedge-Sneakers-Neu-Schuhe
... -Chuck-Taylor-Platform-Plus-Sparkle-Damen-Wedge-Sneakers-Neu-Schuhe
Bild von www.ebay.de
Details zu Rip Badbrick Platform Sneakers in Canvas - Black
Details zu Rip Badbrick Platform Sneakers in Canvas - Black
Bild von www.ebay.de
Canvas Platform Sneakers Ladies Punk Womens Skate Shoes Lace Up Knee ...
Canvas Platform Sneakers Ladies Punk Womens Skate Shoes Lace Up Knee ...
Bild von www.ebay.de

Lady Gaga's giant platform shoes screamed America - SB Nation

Lady Gaga gave one of the most memorable national anthems in Super Bowl history with her 2:22 epic that included a second refrain of "Home of the brave" complete with a flyover. The anthem was great, but Gaga's shoes were a whole other deal. She rocked the Super Bowl stage with MASSIVE red, white and blue platforms that screamed AMERICA as loud as they could. Source: www.sbnation.com

From Public Housing to the People's Pastor: Savannah native uses pulpit as ... - WSAV-TV

He’s senior pastor of one of the most prominent churches in America. From the pulpit, Rev. Raphael Warnock not only preaches the gospel but uses it as a platform for change. “I’m an activist,” Warnock says from his church office, “for me, my preaching and my activism go hand in hand. So, it’s no surprise he would eventually end up in the pulpit of what is often called ‘America’s Freedom Church. ’ It’s where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. co-pastored with his father, Rev. Martin Luther King, Sr. - a civil rights giant in his own right. It’s been ten years since Warnock took the helm. At 35, he became the youngest of only five pastors to lead the church. He admits, he has big shoes to fill. In fact, he’s reminded of his enormous responsibility every time he walks these halls. “What is always foremost in my mind is that it’s my job- not to walk in the shoes of my predecessors- but to stand on their shoulders. His future, he says, is largely based on his past. One of twelve children to Pentecostal preachers. “We didn’t grow up with much in my family,” Warnock recalls, “but we had what really counts. We had a lot of love and deep faith. And I internalized that as self-confidence… and I think that has propelled me into doing the things that I’m doing. The Johnson High graduate is also a product of Savannah State’s Upward Bound program. He credits his success with a strong support system. But beyond the influence of family, teachers, and community, Warnock says it’s Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. who has always loomed large as his moral compass. “His voice captivated me as a very young child. I listened to his sermons. I took note of his activism. I was moved by his ability to inspire people. To lay it all on the line for the sake of what’s high and good and noble for the sake of what he called the beloved community. That ‘beloved community’ has now become his parish. His impact- evident in the awards that adorn nearly every inch of his office. He’s counseled the powerful and kept company with the elite. At the request of President Obama, he even delivered the closing prayer at the 2013 Inaugural Prayer Service. His book, The Divided Mind of the Black Church. Theology, Piety & Public Witness is being taught in seminaries across the country including Yale University. Source: wsav.com

Plasters at the ready...heels are on the rise: SARAH MOWER on how fashion ... - Daily Mail

heels are on the rise: SARAH MOWER on how fashion week's latest trend will leave you towering over your style rivals Fashion week has kicked off in New York and trends are emerging Sarah says that high heels are back replacing smart flats and fun trainers She says that the platform shoe has been appearing on the runway By Sarah Mower For The Daily Mail. The fashion shows have kicked off in New York, and those of us who are about to do the rounds of London, Milan and Paris are thinking hard about one pressing wardrobe issue: what to wear on our feet. Heels are on the rise. Smart trainers and the myriad other flats we’ve been wearing for the past two years are on the way out. It’s a realisation that’s crept up on me at couture shows in the past month. All the clothes started to blur together after a while. Only one thing jumped out: the sudden upsurge of platform soles, spike heels and high boots. Since about 2014, high fashion has given us permission to wear all kinds of flat and comfortable footwear — an eventuality as rare as a blue moon. The thanks for that should go to Phoebe Philo, head of design at Celine, who gave every woman carte blanche to wear trainers, Vans and Stan Smith tennis shoes with smart coats, trousers and shirts. And so it worked through: flats, loafers, so-called ‘athleisure’ hybrids of sports shoes, all became part of the convenient daily fashion repertoire for everyone. But as with all things in fashion, there comes a point when the bloom comes off the unconditional love you feel for something. The tipping point for me came when Gucci launched a pair of fur-lined backless loafers last year. They were a huge fad with fashion people, but all I saw was a pair of slippers. That was it. I’m not slopping round in pancake-flat slippers in the street, ever. From then on, something in the back of my mind was telling me: this is the lowest possible point of this trend. Flatter than this, a shoe cannot go. From now on, the only way has to be up. So that’s why I’ve leapt at the idea of wearing heels again — for a least some of the. Source: www.dailymail.co.uk
life white black look book platform sneakers bv turnschuhe 160 sneaks lookbook platformsneakers bobbivie giàythểthao platformsneaks
Platform sneaks.
Photo by bobbi vie on Flickr
orange woman subway hoodie waiting pretty platform sneakers uptown headphones mta ftrain
a woman waits on the uptown F train platform, wearing headphones.
Photo by Johnnie Utah on Flickr
subway bart platform sneakers saucony sanbrunobartstation uploaded:by=flickrmobile bleachedfilter flickriosapp:filter=bleached
Fell asleep on BART and am now at a random station rather than home. Hasn't happened since I was 8 or 9 years old on the school bus (ended up at the bus garage). A lady on BART said I was living her nightmare, but we...
Photo by pkingDesign on Flickr

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