My Men's Boot Collection - Boots of Sven Raphael Schneider Gentleman's Gazette

Take a look at each of Sven Raphael's collection of boots: #bootsformen #bootcollection #notsponsored For shoes, take a ...

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  • Kanye's new collection: all hype, no style

    02/15/16 ,via Independent Online

    The shoes are the big sellers and there were desert boots as well as snug-fitting, booty-style heels. And it was all shown in West unveiled his collection at Madison Square Garden alongside the release of his album The Life Of Pablo. It was an

  • Cyndi Lauper talks inspiration, Kinky Boots The Musical and the importance of ...

    02/12/16 ,via Herald Sun

    We meet at trendy New York hotel Paramount off Times Square, where Lauper patiently holds a reflector on her lap for our entire chat to ensure she is filmed in the most flattering light. She's not a diva. Just particular. And if anyone has earned the

  • 'If/Then' at Playhouse Square, a musical about a woman's dual lives, puts on airs ...

    02/11/16 ,via

    (Effortlessly chic costumes by Emily Rebholz were more moving to this clothes horse than any of the tunes – oh, those leggings; that little black dress sad, loveless Beth wears before making an important speech; and the boots, so many mouthwatering boots .

  • Fatima Al Qadiri's 'Brute' is the Powerful Political Album We've Been Waiting For

    02/12/16 ,via Noisey

    Desert Strike dealt with a historical, very specific moment. Asiatisch dealt with a larger history of We were in Times Square, and there was a line of riot cops walking in unison, stomping their boots, and grunting towards us. It felt like we were

  • Direct Flight of the Week: El Paso

    02/12/16 ,via Houstonia Magazine

    While the peaks and ridges in Franklin Mountains State Park are popular with rock climbers, you can get a killer view without all the boots and gear by taking the Wyler Aerial Tramway to the top of Ranger Peak. Though the vast, arid Chihuahuan

How To Wear Men’s Boots 101 - 5 Best Boot Styles: Chukka, Chelsea, Jodhpur, Balmoral & Winter Boots

For our full-fledged written guide, click here: #bootsformen #notsponsored #mensboots Get the accessories ...

Stiefeletten Schuhe Damen Holz Absatz Eckige Spitze Leopard Geschnürt ...
Stiefeletten Schuhe Damen Holz Absatz Eckige Spitze Leopard Geschnürt ...
Bild von
Stiefeletten Schuhe Damen Holz Absatz Eckige Spitze Leopard Geschnürt ...
Stiefeletten Schuhe Damen Holz Absatz Eckige Spitze Leopard Geschnürt ...
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Stiefeletten Schuhe Damen Holz Absatz Eckige Spitze Leopard Geschnürt ...
Stiefeletten Schuhe Damen Holz Absatz Eckige Spitze Leopard Geschnürt ...
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Cyndi Lauper talks inspiration, Kinky Boots The Musical and the importance of ... - Herald Sun

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Fatima Al Qadiri's 'Brute' is the Powerful Political Album We've Been Waiting For - Noisey

In the middle of my interview with Fatima Al Qadiri , which I'm conducting over Skype on a park bench, a low-flying police helicopter flies over my head, cutting off our conversation. The intrusion almost feels like a divine intervention, the roaring thwacks of its blades a chilling reminder that the themes we're discussing—neoliberal fascism and the increasing militarization of America's law enforcement—aren't just abstract concepts, but our living reality. Qadiri picks up on the significance of this moment immediately. "It's very appropriate," she says with a low chuckle. Brute, out on Hyperdub in early March, is Qadiri's second full-length. With its sampled recordings of political rallies and a ubiquitous feeling of despair conjured by icy, grime-influenced synths, apocalyptic bass growls and minor chord progressions, it's perhaps her most hard-hitting release to date. The album is a tribute to political protest—a fundamental freedom that Qadiri believes is under threat—with track names like "10-34" (police code for a riot), "Curfew," and "Blows. " It even begins with an audio clip of riot police using a sonic weapon called a Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD)—which blasts warnings across further distances and at higher volumes than normal loudspeakers— to announce: you are no longer peacefully assembling. The Senegal-born, Kuwait-raised DJ, producer, and conceptual artist is no stranger to politically oriented work. she's part of two collectives that celebrate cultural diversity and regional sounds—the supergroup Future Brown with J-Cush and Nguzunguzu, as well as GCC, a crew of Arab artists from the Gulf region. But though the issues that Brute takes on are universally applicable, this time around, Qadiri's eye is trained on her adopted home of America, using the recent protests in Ferguson, Baltimore, and beyond as source material for her powerful commentary on the fraught state of power and politics today. THUMP: I had a dream last night that we were hanging out under this beautiful cherry blossom tree. You had to leave, and I started weeping. Fatima Al Qadiri: [ Laughs ] That would be an awesome superpower to have in the music industry. It's probably never going to happen, but I wanted to make a record using an American male persona called Frank Quandary. Source:

Direct Flight of the Week: El Paso - Houstonia Magazine

Destination : El Paso. Average fare : From $368 via Southwest out of Hobby. What to do : Every good Texan should visit El Paso at least once. Besides being the most western city in the state, so far west it's in a completely different time zone from the rest of us, a journey to El Paso can provoke meaningful conversation about our long, complex, important history with neighboring Mexico. Here, two cities and two nations are tangled up together as one, I-1o hugging the border so closely at times you can't tell if you're driving through El Paso or Ciudad Juarez (and if you keep driving west, just outside the El Paso city limits, you'll quickly find yourself in New Mexico). The confluence of cultures—Texan, Mexican and New Mexican, south and west—also makes for good eats, if nothing else. Source:
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New Harbour - Copenhagen
Nyhavn was constructed by King Christian V from 1670 to 1673, dug by Swedish war prisoners from the Dano-Swedish War 1658–1660. It is a gateway from the sea to the old inner city at Kongens Nytorv (King's Square),...
Photo by Hagens_world on Flickr
square squareformat iphoneography instagramapp uploaded:by=instagram
My boots are covered in a layer of dust after Desert Daze
Photo by porcupiny on Flickr
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Höstpremiär för Clarks Desert Boots.
Photo by bisonblog on Flickr

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